Posts F[0x04] Reflected XSS in Markdown Live Preview

F[0x04] Reflected XSS in Markdown Live Preview

[Backdated Post]Date of finding: 13/08/2020 Actual date of publication: 25/10/2020[Backdated Post]

In this post I will describe a (small) vulnerability I discovered when testing the security of online markdown editors.

The specific editor in which I found this reflected XSS vulnerability was Markdown Live Preview.

The Finding

As described in this issue, the vulnerability can be exploited by entering javascript anywhere in the editor.

I could not find a way to turn this into a stored XSS attack, since the platform did not allow me to store and/or share the markdown I wrote down, a common feature in other online editors.


Sanitizing the user-supplied markdown remediates this vulnerability, as is showcased in the applied fix.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.
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