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About Me


This blog is supposed to help me improve my writing skills and be of some value to those who encounter it.

I’ll be posting thoughts, write-ups, screw-ups and other experiences that I think might be useful for others.

Who am I?

Without getting philosophical: I am a security and privacy fanatic, aiming to make this world a better/safer place.

I love all-things-security and all-things-FOSS and am a strong proponent of individual privacy.

Besides security I also enjoy tinkering with hardware (while trying very hard not to melt my LEDs) and enjoy working on my Linux machines (while also trying very hard not to burn those out as well).

Tabletop games like Magic: the Gathering and D&D are my favorite kind of entertainment.
Sports-wise I’m a licensed diver (on a break) and have enjoyed two good years of parkour in the past.

I’ve also been active on TryHackMe, which I can highly recommend!


Current Occupations:

I’m currently..

  • Reading: The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers, by Kevin Mitnick.
  • Studying: The Hacker Playbook 3, The Cyber Mentor’s Practical Ethical Hacker course and the PWK course in anticipation of the OSCP exam.
  • Writing about: how I prepared for the PWK/OSCP course and my experiences in bringing The Hacker Playbook 3 in practice.
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