Posts My First Coin & Security Weekly Unlocked!

My First Coin & Security Weekly Unlocked!

This post is dedicated to the amazing first installment of Security Weekly Unlocked and the first security conference coin I ever earned.

Security Weekly Unlocked

The people at Security Weekly are just great. They put out the best content, are super friendly and accessible and, as expected, created a fantastic conference for everyone to enjoy. A perfect way to celebrate their 15th anniversary!

All talks were recorded and are still available for everyone to enjoy. I can recommend the talks by John Strand from Black Hills Information Security, Brian Donohue from Red Canary and Kevin Finisterre from Digitalmunition especially.

My First Coin!

It’s a rare for me to be skipping a meal, but there was a coin to be won and so -to the regret of my lovely SO- I spent the entire evening immersed in talks whilst raking up points to solidify my claim on that mystifying Security Weekly coin.

I was very happy to hear that they would be sending the coin my way without hesitation, even though they’d be paying for the international shipping expenses. When it arrived the packaging was slightly damaged, but the coin was protected by its plastic sleeve so I received the absolute beauty without a scratch!

Here’s to another 15 years of Security Weekly and the many future iterations of Security Weekly Unlocked!


See you there!
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